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Montys Kick Off 5th Season of Sugaring

March is here and for PFA’s Managing Partners Tim and Becky Monty, that means their fifth sugaring season is under way!

Did you know? Vermont is the country’s leading producer of maple syrup, producing more than 2 million gallons from more than 1,500 sugarhouses in 2017. *

Last weekend, Tim and Becky scoured 155 galvanized buckets, prepared pans and tapped 110 trees. Over the next six weeks (if Mother Nature cooperates), they will fire up the evaporator and turn around 840 gallons of sap into approximately 168 pints of syrup.

For the Monty’s, sugaring is a wonderful hobby that gets them outdoors and brings their family and friends together. “It’s a lot of work, but we do it together – it’s a great family activity.” Tim said. “It’s one of our favorite times of the year, and we love that we get to share the fruits of our hard work with friends and clients.”

*100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Vermont Vacation,

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