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Protection Planning

Prepare for the unexpected

Do the "what-ifs" keep you up at night?
You can't predict tomorrow, but you can safeguard your assets and protect those you love.
Image by John-Mark Smith

You probably already know that insurance is an important aspect of your financial success. But as your life changes, priorities and needs do as well, and it is important to regularly ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough life insurance coverage through my employer?

  • What if I got hurt and couldn't work?

  • Can we afford long-term medical care if needed? 

  • How do I pass my wealth on to the next generation?

  • How can insurance help me in retirement?

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Leg Injury

At PFA, we can analyze your needs now and in the future, perform a full policy and beneficiary reviews, and suggest products and services to help you meet your goals. We have a great deal of experience in insurance solutions, and are able to work with dozens of different providers. We can offer access to the following solutions:

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be the foundation of your financial security and can provide comfort and stability for your family. The purpose of life insurance is to help provide your loved ones with financial protection after you die, in exchange for the premiums you pay to your insurer during your lifetime. Some life insurance policies can provide you with financial protection for the short term, while others accumulate cash value, offering a living benefit that can be used for supplemental retirement income, funding for a child’s education, or cash for emergencies.*

Disability Income Insurance

If you are too sick or injured to work, disability income insurance provides peace of mind to your loved ones. Benefits are paid to help maintain your standard of living and meet obligations. Coverages vary, but premiums increase with age, so it is important to begin planning for unforeseen illnesses or injuries early.

Long-Term Care

For most of us, it is unpleasant to envision a time when performing routine tasks may become difficult as the result of injury, illness or aging. If the time comes when you need substantial assistance performing daily tasks, it is unlikely you will want cost to be the primary decision-making factor for your long term care. Long-term care (LTC) services can be expensive and costs generally continue to rise. Planning early can help ensure that you have more control in receiving the type of care you want — in the setting you choose, should the need arise.​

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